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Pangaea Guides

Professional Sea Kayak and Glacier Guides

Pangaea Adventures hires to the highest standards and focuses on guides with a great balance of experience, safety, friendliness, and education. Our guides care about the overall experience of every guest and strive to balance recreation and education. Each guide practices "leave no trace" ethics and creates a comfortable atmosphere for all levels of kayakers. Each head guide is trained in advanced wilderness medicine and rescue. Their backgrounds are all in guiding and teaching. We hire adults who are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, patient, responsible, and safe.


Tim Duffy aka "Duff" has several years of experience guiding paddling, backpacking and ski-mountaineering trips throughout Alaska. Originally a Maine-ah, Duff ski guides winters in Nevada, explores the world on vacation, and is currently our backup boat captain. You can sit back and enjoy the cruise with Duff while he throws fun facts at you and sometimes even raps them. He acquired the company in 2008 and says the Valdez vistas still have him in awe.


Dave Scott: Dave comes to Pangaea for his third year as our boat captain. Hailing from Idaho, he loves being out on the water as much as he loves potatoes. He’s actually a retired nurse and an aspiring photographer, and is as mechanically savvy behind the helm as he is mentally stimulating around the table. Ask Dave all about the history of Valdez or about the wildlife of the Sound, or check out some of his amazing photos sometime. In the off season, you can find Dave hiking the PCT or driving fan boats and gator hunting through the mangroves of southwest Florida.

Jesse Dunlap: Meet Jesse; he’s probably one of the coolest, kindest people you will ever meet. This guy has lived everywhere from New York to Japan and even California. Jesse has an unmistakable love for the outdoors and taking people out exploring. After completing the Pacific Crest Trail (yeah, he’s the real deal), Jesse gave tours of New York City and managed a candy store before realizing his true calling was sea kayaking and glacier hiking in Alaska. His knowledge of our area is quite extensive and his delivery is unmatched!

Ben Lieber: Benny comes to us from coastal New Hampshire, where he grew up sea kayaking and often venturing upstate to play on Mt. Washginton. He's earned a degree in Service Design from Savanhah College of Art and Design, where he also played lacrosse. Ben has an infectious appreciation for all sports, currently with a special affection for mounting mountains. If you happen have the honor of being guided by this lovely individual, be prepared to have the time of your life,... and don't forget your ice axe!

Nelson Bandy: Originally from Ohio, Nelson is an aspiring Arctic Tern who migrated to Alaska for the summer after completing a National Outdoor Leadership School Semester in Patagonia. A self proclaimed “burrito bandit,” he survives the rugged northern summer on a diet of refried beans, pancakes, and jelly beans. His time spent chasing daylight has left him with an inexhaustible supply of energy and positivity that ensures stellar days’ sea kayaking or hiking up Worthington Glacier with him as your guide. Nelson studied geology at Carleton College and is still crazy about it today. Be sure to ask him about metamorphic rocks and glaciology. There is a positive and fun buzz that radiates from Nelson, and any trip with him is sure to be a blast!

Meredith Lorig: An expert kayaker, Meredith hales from the waters of the Lake Superior and the Bounds Water Canoe Area in the wilds of Minnesota. She spent her middle and high school years in Chile with her family, and went on to earn a B.A in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2008. Some of her greatest achievements so far include: completing a 50 day canoe expedition down the Dubawnt and Thelon Rivers in Canada, building a pair of Ojibway snowshoes with step one being cutting down the ash tree for wood, and spending a year learning how to handle educational raptors. In her free time, Meredith enjoys long paddles next to the beach, ceramics, and lichens.

Emily Renzini: This ray of sunshine has many obsessions but her top ones would have to be: swimming, nachos, Idaho, and extra spicy food! Her love for potatoes lead her to attend the University of Idaho where she earned a bachelors degree in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership and also captained the swim team. During that time she discovered her love for rafting and has been guiding white water ever since. Whether on the water, at bear camp, or tending bar, Emily has an uncanny ability to make everyone around her feel at ease.

Nick DelPrete: If you happen to get a trip with Nick, you will be in luck. He launched his own kayaking company at the age of sixteen! Having honed his technical skills while attending the University of Maine, Nick has become a pro kayak guide, river rafting guide, and even a badass skier. He moved up to Alaska via Montana in the hopes of finding his favorite animal, the horned puffin. With boatloads of knowledge, a calm demeanor, and a profound appreciation for our area, Nick slings good times.

Chyna Denney: Chyna moved to Valdez from San Diego in 2015, to enroll in Prince William Sound College and its outdoor studies program, the perfect segway to the internship at Pangaea Adventures. Her favorite things about Valdez are it's remoteness, dramatic mountain landscapes, extreme seasonal variations, kooky people, and oceanicity. Whether she's wielding the office, deckhanding, snapping photos of our guests, or leading trips, Chyna's warm welcome and pleasant smile is bound to make your visit a comfortable one.

Emma Houston: Easy E is one of those gals that you always want on your team. Shes got more experience under her (tow)belt than most folks twice her age. An Environmental Studies and Ecology major from the University of Maine, Emma joins Pangaea for her second summer of guiding. Growing up in a family of raft guides, Emma learned water safety and paddle techniques at a young age. When she’s not practicing her rolls or leading multi sport adventures, Emma enjoys running, berry picking, a good book, and exploring estuaries. She’s fun and she’s sweet, and she’ll blow your mind with her knowledge of Alaska!

Hunter Donleavy: This classy gentleman was born and raised in New Jersey and decided to come on out to AK for the time of his life. He recently traveled to Patagonia for a semester-long NOLS course focusing on sea kayaking and mountaineering. This winter he worked in Burlington, Vermont at Outdoor Gear Exchange where he specialized in mountain bikes and became quite the guru in the outdoor gear industry.  He loves to mountain bike, ski, skateboard and anything that has to do with the outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to have him as your guide, you’re sure in for a wild Alaskan ride!


Ruby Rose: born and raised in Valdez, meet our team mascot, Ruby! She’s Australian Shepherd and Australian cattle dog, but her red heeler genes run strong. She loves swimming and playing frisbee most, but will join any adventure you take her on. She enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking, sun bathing and boat rides and is always on the hunt for a stinky salmon carcass. Ruby joined the Duffy family and the Pangaea team in 2017 and is always making new friends. Stop by our office to say hello sometime, and look out for her many siblings around town!


Brian Herbig: This classic New Yorker hails from the Adirondacks. He arrived an intern, and quickly showed unmistakable interest and prowess in all aspects of what we do. More than anything, Big Boy is just a genuine pleasure to be around. He keeps an upbeat attitude and evinces an honest interest in teaching people about our area. When he's not juggling calls in the office or leading guests on trips, Brian can be found fishing, slack lining, rock climbing, gardening, taking awesome photos, playing guitar, flexing his carpentry skills, or reading a good book. Ladies, did I mention his cooking skills? Let Big Boy take you by surpise as he guides you for the ultimate Alaskan experience.


Kristina Duffy: A native to the Chicago area, Kristina joins us for her fifth season as the office manager for Pangaea. She graduated with a double BA in Environmental Studies and Spanish from Lake Forest College outside of the great city, and has since spent her time roaming the U.S. and Latin America. Ask her about exploring Machu Picchu, starting an organic farm and LFC (and now in Valdez!), or learning first hand about immigration issues at the U.S./Mexico border. She’s done all these things! You can also ask her all about Pangaea Adventures, or about how she’s enjoyed her transition to the Land of the Midnight Sun.



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