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Pangaea Guides

Professional Sea Kayak and Glacier Guides

Pangaea Adventures hires to the highest standards and focuses on guides with a great balance of experience, safety, friendly personality, and education. Our guides care about the overall   experience of every guest and strive to balance recreation and education. Each guide practices "leave no trace" ethics and creates a comfortable atmosphere for all levels of kayakers. Each head guide is trained in advanced wilderness medicine and rescue. Their backgrounds are all in guiding and teaching. We hire adults who are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, patient, responsible, and safe.


Tim Duffy aka "Duff" has several years of experience guiding paddling, backpacking and ski-mountaineering trips throughout Alaska. Originally a Maine-ah, Duff ski guides winters in Nevada, explores the world on vacation and is currently the resident Pangaea guru when it comes to glacier hikes and climbs. He also owns and runs the company.

Chloë Potter, known around these parts as Chlobird and Cholo, drove fifty eleven miles from Eugene, Oregon with her soon to be hubby in their vegetable oil powered creeper van. She can lead you in the tango, foxtrot, and cha cha while at the same time rocking you down the Lowe River and kayaking the ice fields of the Columbia Glacier! She works hard and is always willing to go the extra mile for guests and fellow guides. Her upbeat and energetic nature along with her excellent leadership abilities on the water make her an awesome guide and valuable member of the Pangaea crew!

Pete Cueno (pronounced Swain-yo) emerged from the caves of Maquoketa, Iowa where he spent 18 years wrestling corn bears and breaking hearts before earning his B.S. at the “Harvard of the Midwest,” as well as the title of “Third Most Successful Cueno Child.” After reaching his full potential in the heartland, Pete set off to become Pangaea’s most triple rectified guide, whose wilderness experience ranges from alpine climbing expeditions in Patagonia to backcountry snowboard trips throughout the Western United States. Pete will literally destroy his body to ensure you have the best possible experience and he proudly reports zero broken bones among his clients to date. This guy’s legit.

Jack Bynum Every century, people emerge who change the fabric of our reality and improve the world we live in.  At 19, Jack is thoroughly convinced that he is one such person. Following the paths of the greats, Jack has strived to achieve proficiency in sea kayaking, rock climbing, melodramatic guitar playing, whitewater paddling, maturing at an unhealthy rate, and mountain biking.  As a guide, Jack is trained in the mystical arts of the Whitman College Outdoor Program, meaning he has an impeccable sense of organization, preparation, and ability to drive hours to get to any good whitewater river. It is clear to whoever meets Jack that he has a very promising future, as soon as he achieves his biggest challenge yet: finding a little time to relax. In the meantime, we are lucky enough to have him here to remind the rest of us how old we actually are.

Hannah McGowan: Hailing from Memphis, TN, Hannah came to Valdez for the first time as an intern with Pangaea in the summer of 2007.  Mystified by the grandeur of Prince William Sound and fascinated by  its rich biodiversity, she returned to Pangaea for the next few summers to share this unique place with others as a lead guide. Meanwhile she pursued studies in marine ecology and wilderness leadership at Prescott College, so she is psyched and well equipped to nerd out about sea life, especially whales and intertidal invertebrates.  Since graduating in 2011 she has fallen in love with rock climbing, turning her attention to desert splitters and granite masses between ski seasons, which she spends skiing up and down mountains in Alta, Utah.  Now feeling the pull of the great north and it's rugged coastline, she emerges from the landlocked mountains and deserts to return enthusiastically for a fifth season at Pangaea. 

Thomas Mooney-Myers is a combination of a male model, yogi, and a documentation obsessed father. Whether he is talking about himself or about the wildlife around the Sound, he will certainly be entertaining you along the way. In his spare time he likes to watch movies, DBZ and showing off to anyone who will watch him. After working as a guide for younglings in Washington, Thomas decided it was time to step up his game in Alaska. He will win you over with an eye flitter and a smile. You will be lucky to have him as your guide!

Webster Ross is akin to a humpback. He shares the same peaceful demeanor, the eloquent old soul, but most importantly he also migrates from Hawaii to Alaska.  He may seem at first out of place -- no shoes and donning a Huck Fin straw hat -- but Webster can show you around Prince William Sound with the grace of someone who has lived here for years.  If you're lucky you may get to hear the glacier sirens sing, but truly it is Webster singing as he likes.  When you meet him, he is sure to make you laugh with him or at him; he may speak to you in fluent Chinese; or just blow you away as a kayaker, a guide, and a good friend.

Cody Kendall: Native American by heritage, climber by trade, and Japanese by heart, Cody is an experienced guide and cultured man. Upon seeing his incredibly sculpted and tanned biceps you will have little doubt of his climbing, glacier hiking, and sea kayaking abilities as well you should. He honed these skills throughout Oregon, graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Japanese culture. He hopes one day to further his education and obtain a masters degree in outdoor education, but for now he will simply educate Pangaea's guests. When not out in the field, Cody can be found practicing the moves of his personal role models, Goku and Naruto, repairing kayaks or sitting  in the laundry room, where we use his abs as a washboard.  Feel free to ask him about Kanji’s or kayaks, he’d love to tell you about either!

Jeffrey Cranson, the eldest and humblest of the Pangaea guides, brings a key calming presence to our team.  Whether providing a break from drinking games, offering humorous input on any conversation, or always having extra joint pain medicine to offer, Jeff is a welcome addition to any trip.  He also has his Master’s degree in Geology, meaning he can always tell you what kind of rock that is.  Go ahead.  Ask him what kind of rock that is.  Jeff is also a great source for homemade bread and 1980’s pop culture references.  For real though, he’s an accomplished outdoors man, and well deserving of his Tylenol sponsorship. 

Georgia Dean, one of the beloved interns this summer, follows in the Pangaea tradition of abandoning the mountains and snow to launch herself into the world of kayaking.  A recent graduate of Colorado College with a degree in Economics, Georgia has discovered her degree qualifies her to answer phones, scan documents, and deal with renegade floor-smashing guides.  Keeping her going throughout her day is the allure of a beer bounty upon selling rafting trips, and the dream of one day leading a Unique Duck Flats experience.

Alex Colella: Coming from Austin, TX, to cool off in Valdez, Alex has taken to the mountains like a native. She is taking time off from her grueling mechanical engineering program at the University of Texas to intern here at Pangaea. This education has afforded her with patience like no other as she waits in the office for a reservation, phone call or walk in. When she is not in the office or taking out tours to the one and only Duck Flats she can be found bush waking her way to Shoup, learning to buff a kayak (or just getting buff herself!), experimenting with fixing a gasket, exploring her surrounding’s in Valdez, or reading a new book. Alex really just wants to learn about anything new! So come on up and reap the benefits of all of her education.


Kristina Rodriguez: A native to the Chicago area, Kristina joins us for her second season as the office manager for Pangaea. She graduated with a double BA in Environmental Studies and Spanish from Lake Forest College outside of the great city, and has since spent her time roaming the U.S. and Latin America. Ask her about exploring Machu Picchu, starting an organic community farm at LFC, or learning about immigration issues at the U.S./Mexico border. She’s done all these things! You can also ask her all about Pangaea Adventures, or about how she’s enjoyed her transition to the Land of the Midnight Sun.



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