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Pangaea Guides

Professional Sea Kayak and Glacier Guides

Pangaea Adventures hires to the highest standards and focuses on guides with a great balance of experience, safety, friendly personality, and education. Our guides care about the overall   experience of every guest and strive to balance recreation and education. Each guide practices "leave no trace" ethics and creates a comfortable atmosphere for all levels of kayakers. Each head guide is trained in advanced wilderness medicine and rescue. Their backgrounds are all in guiding and teaching. We hire adults who are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, patient, responsible, and safe.


Tim Duffy aka "Duff" has several years of experience guiding paddling, backpacking and ski-mountaineering trips throughout Alaska. Originally a Maine-ah, Duff ski patrols winters in Utah, explores the world on vacation and is currently the resident Pangaea guru when it comes to glacier hikes and climbs. He also owns and runs the company.

Grace Herbison is based out of Colorado but enjoys exploring different areas of the U.S. and world when given the opportunity.  After spending time biking around the U.S., exploring the jungles of Ecuador, and doing a small stint in prison, working as a volunteer of course, she made her way north to conquer the Alaskan wilderness.  On her most recent adventure before heading to Alaska, she kayaked the entire Missouri river proving she is more than comfortable in a kayak and tougher than Lewis and Clark combined.  Along with an adventurous spirit, Grace takes a kind and caring approach to life.  After meeting her, people often describe Grace as a nicer Mother Teresa.  Her kind personality, knowledge of the Prince William Sound, and experience in kayaking make Grace a perfect addition to the Pangaea crew.


Mike Tanner was born and raised in the Chicago area (home of the Stanley Cup Champion Black Hawks!) and earned a BS in Environmental Science from The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Apparently, Mike paid attention in class because now he is a living, breathing encyclopedia of our natural world, and don’t even get him started talking about birds.  Mike can not only identify every bird you will see in the Prince William Sound, he can also speak its language, and tell you something interesting about it.  As a guide, Mike not only provides a wealth of knowledge, he also provides a wealth of experience. Mike has practiced and guided water sports all around the world. He has kayaked, canoed or rafted in the waters of South Africa, Namibia, Costa Rica, the Galapagos and Ecuador. Mike joined the Pangaea staff this year as a Sea Kayak and Rafting guide after a close call with a caiman in Ecuador inspired him to explore the cool waters of Alaska.

Pete Cueno (pronounced Swain-yo) emerged from the caves of Maquoketa, Iowa where he spent 18 years wrestling corn bears and breaking hearts before earning his B.S. at the “Harvard of the Midwest,” as well as the title of “Third Most Successful Cueno Child.” After reaching his full potential in the heartland, Pete set off to become Pangaea’s most triple rectified guide, whose wilderness experience ranges from alpine climbing expeditions in Patagonia to backcountry snowboard trips throughout the Western United States. Pete will literally destroy his body to ensure you have the best possible experience and he proudly reports zero broken bones among his clients to date. This guy’s legit.

Mike Dooley aka "Dooley" is a legend around Pangaea.  He first joined the team as an intern and has kept coming back for more.  He is now a most enthusiastic guide with a true love for what he does.  Recently graduating with a degree in Environmental Education and becoming an NOLS kayaking instructor Dooley is sure to teach you a thing or two.  If you have the pleasure of meeting this long haired hippie ask him about his addiction to cheeseburgers.

Megan Campbell hails from the Southwest region of Colorado.  She grew up on the East Coast where she was a fruit merchant.  She developed a technique called ‘canning’ to save her favorite soups (a local favorite) and minced meat (a not so favorite).  Her canned soups were a huge hit in the local market.  She invested all of her savings to develop a label for the soups where she made the fatal mistake of choosing carmine red, things were never the same.  Her company went under in 1869 where she decided to sell for 7 dollars and 50 cents.  Once the company was sold they quickly changed the label to a carnelian red, the same color as the local football team, now the company is worth 6.8 billion dollars.  Meg can now be found living out of her truck by any stream, creek or river.  She has an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor that makes anybody feel at home.  Now her passion is Wilderness Therapy in which she has a degree in from the Fort Lewis College of Durango, CO.  She thinks nature is pretty neat… and that’s pretty neat.

Dan Fithian hails from the sunny beaches of San Diego, but he honed his paddling skills in the extreme climate of Patagonia.  When not on the water, Dan relishes slaying the rest of the Pangaea staff at Blokus, baking bread, and mathematizing.  While Dan’s math skills could surely earn him big bucks on Wall Street, he plans on pursuing the dirt bag lifestyle for the coming years.

David Bertolatus aka "Berto": Apparently there is more greatness that comes out of Iowa than just corn, and it comes in the form of a man, specifically our adventurous, personable, and knowledgeable 3rd year guide Berto. (Do not come around asking for a man named David or even Mr. Bertolatus because this man simply goes by Berto). Berto is the man with the plan, the jack of all trades, and the king of backcountry cooking (Just ask him about his fish tacos!). Berto is one stylish guide that can take you kayaking around the Columbia Glacier and take you rafting down the Lowe River. He can also guide you on foot on the Worthington Glacier for some ice exploration and start a drum circle all at the same time! Berto graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Percussion, and has thus learned to play a mean drum. When Berto is not found exploring Mother Nature, you can soon find him in a classroom at the University of Minnesota as he ambitiously embarks on an adventure to attain his PhD in Biology. Come to Alaska and let Berto not only be your guide to adventure, but also your guide to earning style points while in Valdez!

Zak Koszarek is known as the " token local " here at Pangaea. Born and raised in Valdez, Zach is definetly the Wikipedia of Alaskan history.  If you find yourself on a tour with him expect to get your moneys worth with knowlege of the Prince William Sound. As a basketball fan, waking up at 5:00 am to play one of his favorite sports is a normal thing before hitting the glaciers for a day out on the water. In the winter months, you can catch Zach tearing up the slopes snowboarding around Oregon, as well as catching some white water while river kayaking. When a break from the cold is required, he likes to head down to the Big Island of Hawaii to warm up before returning to us for another great summer at Pangaea.

Eric Herbst: Born in Georgia but raised mostly in Missouri, this farm boy may be one of our most resourceful and entertaining guides. When he's not smowmobile guiding in the winters, or mapping trails of the Continental Divide, Eric enjoys waching Conspiracy Theory documentaries with his mom (Hey Ma!) or arm wrestling his fiance, Grace, for honeymoon plans. And don't let his grizzly mountain-man appearance fool you, this guy has worked as a male model in the past and also won best dressed in highschool!

Devin Milsop is a recently graduated Recreation major from West Virginia University. She has brought her unmistakably upbeat energy with her to the internship position at Pangaea. Once a D1 collegiate rower, she carries a profound affection for blading across the water. She can run the office as well as trips, and, no doubt, we are lucky to have her. Come visit and experience the buzz of the royal Philadelphian heir that is Devin Milsop.

Parker Quinn is our dear intern from the deep south.  He often writes our daily notes using terms like y’all, and shortening peoples’ names to unrecognizable nicknames. He is a recent graduate from UGA, which stands for University of Georgia, but he loves abbreviating everything so you need to call it UGA.  Parker really enjoys fixing fiberglass boats, we are not sure why, but the fumes may be an important part of this.  Despite this, he proves to be quite on top of his game and rocks it on our “unique Duck Flats” tour. He probably could lead a Gold Creek, but we might need to make him shadow it a few more times. Other than that, he can be found fixin’ boats, eating hershey’s kisses in the office, or dropping pennies in a wishing well, holding onto his dream of someday leading a Columbia Glacier Tour.  But we love him, and he is our favorite. 


Matt Epperson makes salt taste bland; aka he gives salty sailor a new meaning.  He took to the motorboat last summer because of the opportunity to see a long lost relative, the Sea Otter.  He really belongs behind a taught sail face, beard and huge chest to the wind, with nothing but lobster to be had in the evening. Don't try to take his coffee away in the morning either because then he gives our good ol' friend Pooh Bear a new meaning (in more ways than one). He sticks with Mayflower Star day in and day out, like a captain that is ready to go down with the ship. He will also boogie down with Prince until the sea otters stop holding hands while they sleep, and sing about "cotton candy" and "tootsie rolls" and make sure you never mix up charts and maps on HIS boat. Also his humble soul will not be content with you calling him Cap'n Matt, he goes purely by Matt or Matthew, and that's it, and he will do most anything for anyone without asking anything in return, but he won't tell you that either.   

Kristina Rodriguez: A native to the Chicago area, Kristina joins us for her first season as the office manager for Pangaea. She graduated with a double BA in Environmental Studies and Spanish from Lake Forest College outside of the great city, and has since spent her time roaming the U.S. and Latin America. Ask her about exploring Machu Picchu, working on a fruit farm in Chile, organizing outdoor field trips for elementary students in Panama, starting an organic community farm at LFC, or learning about immigration issues at the U.S./Mexico border. She’s done all these things! You can also ask her all about Pangaea Adventures, or about how she’s enjoyed her transition to the Land of the Midnight Sun.



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